Google’s web platform team has spent over a decade learning about user needs. The Google team has distilled their learning’s and created for you to master the defining standards of web development. is the ultimate resource for developers of all backgrounds to learn, create, and solve on the web. It’s meant to not only educate developers, but help them apply what they’ve learned to any site they work on, be it personal or business.
webdev was borne of a belief that if making high quality experiences are easy to build, it will enable more meaningful engagement on the web, for users and developers alike.

They have a structured curriculum that include both guides and hands-on codelabs.

  • Fast load times: Guarantee your site loads quickly to avoid user drop off.
  • Network resilience: See consistent, reliable performance regardless of network quality.
  • Safe and secure: Ensure your site and your user’s data is secure.
  • Easily discoverable: Ensure users can find your site easily through search.
  • Installable: Be on users’ home screens with no need for an app store.
  • Accessibility: Build a site that works for all of your users.
“Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.”
-Abigail Adams

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