With the Nithyananda scandal, twitter users have gone bonkers and some of the tweets were really funny. Here is a compilation of few one liners taken from such tweets..

  • I didnt believe first that #Nithyananda is world famous ! Now I dont have a choice…
  • Holy fuck was a meaningless word until #Nithyananda happened.
  • Nithyananda took his name very seriouosly. And you say what’s in a name?
  • official site says….”SERVICE NOT AVAILABLE” what a double meaning msg left by them
  • Well the truth is that, the camera that recorded the scandal was installed to check if #nithyananda dies his hair black or not.
  • He actually was following ‘ A titty devo bhava ‘ (atithi devo bhava)
  • Apsaras seduced our Sages in ancient times they continue to do so in modern times
  • NithyaNanda by day, NithyaNanga by night
  • Come my disciples in the morning, Cum my disciples in the night
  • Chanting by Day, Spanking by Night
  • Hari Om.. Hari Om.. during day and Cond Om… Cond Om by night
  • Brahman by day, Bra man by night
  • Chamatkaar by day, balatkaar by night
  • jogi by day, ramta jogi by night
  • Kaavi by day. Kaami by night.
  • arivurai in the day, aan urai in the night
  • Fakir by day, Fucker by night
  • ashram by day, besharm by night
  • Divine tapes of swami nithyananda, starts off with Om Kamasutrya namah
  • Ram Narayan by day, Baaja Bajata by night
  • Aasana by day, Vaasna by night
  • His Holiness by day, his horniness by night
  • fast by day, faster! faster! by night.
  • It’s Cool in morning, gets warm by afternoon , Hot at night.
  • Yogi by day, Bhogi by night
  • Jyoti by day, Jwala by night.


  1. Hahaha…. superb.. actually i misread the heading as onliners….. i was searching for a video but i found something more amusing….great one

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