JavaScript is a pervasive technology, blurring the boundaries between server, client, cloud and IoT.

JS Foundation is now a Linux Foundation Project.

The JS Foundation is a member supported organization; founding members include Bocoup, IBM, Ripple, Samsung, Sauce Labs, Sense Tecnic Systems, SitePen, StackPath, University of Westminster and WebsiteSetup.
Developers rely on a growing portfolio of open source technologies to create, test and deploy critical applications. By creating a center of gravity for the open source JavaScript ecosystem, the JS Foundation aims to drive broad adoption and ongoing development of key JavaScript solutions and related technologies and to facilitate collaboration within the JavaScript development community to ensure those projects maintain the quality and diverse contribution bases that provide for long-term sustainability.

Here are the projects being welcomed into the mentorship program:

Appium ~ Chassis ~ Dojo Toolkit ~ ESLint ~ Esprima ~ Globalize ~ Grunt ~ Interledger.js ~ Intern ~ Jed ~ JerryScript ~ jQuery ~ jQuery Mobile ~ jQuery UI ~ Lodash ~ Mocha ~ Moment ~ Node-RED ~ PEP ~ QUnit ~ RequireJS ~ Sizzle ~ webpack

“There is always something more to learn and understand.”