The more an advertisement reaches the masses the better. What better way to get attention of millions of Americans other than on a Super Bowl day. With limited time slots, and the kind of money involved, the advertisements need to create a huge impact under 30 seconds. All this means better ads for viewers, huge viewership for the advertised companies, and more money for the telecasters. The marketing gurus have long got that right.

We now have a website that has a collection of Super Bowl ads involving 38 out of the 44 super bowl years, making this the worlds largest collection of super bowl ads.

A simple Google search or Youtube search might give you some good results, but this site has got them all under one roof. The site says if an ad is aired nationally during the Super Bowl, it’s included in their collection.

According to the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter the following are the winners in the last four years:

SuperBowlCommercials From Adland TV
USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter(Wikipedia)
USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter Website
Super Bowl advertising(Wikipedia)





“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”
-Mark Twain

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