sonar is meant to help developers regardless of their skill level, from the novice to the experienced one, to build websites and apps that work for everyone, are accessible, fast, secure, and take advantage of all the features the web has to offer. It is open sourced and has a Apache 2.0 license.


Web development is more than HTML, JavaScript, and CSS: developers are expected to have a grasp of accessibility, performance, security, emerging standards, and more, all while refreshing this knowledge every few months as the web evolves.

sonar has an online scanner which can scan a publicly available website.

sonar brings many improvements compared to previous scanners:

  • execution of website code instead of static analysis
  • a more flexible and modernized set of rules
  • parallel test execution
  • integration with other services
  • a completely open source code base
  • sonar can also be used as a command line tool (CLI) that you can integrate directly into your local web development workflows.

The goals of sonar are to:

  • Bring the community together to decide what best practices are in several areas.
  • Help web developers write the best possible code.
  • Clean up the web of bad practices.
  • Promote community tools and services that do an awesome job but could not be known by everybody.
“Tools of the trade keep changing and so should the practitioner.”