Blisk is a free Chromium-based browser built to increase quality and speed of web development and testing. At present Blisk is available for Mac and windows, a Linux installer is underway.
Blisk shows a lot of promise for the web-developers. I hope they release the software more often with more enhancements and tools.

The following are some of its features(some of them are not yet available):

Emulated Devices:
Blisk comes with a pre-installed set of popular devices in emulated mode that makes it easy for developers to test how their code renders across multiple devices and browsers. The feature is particularly useful for comparing how design responds to different screen resolutions and pixel ratios.

Scroll Sync:
Blisk has ‘scroll sync’ functionality that allows developers to simultaneously work with the same part of code on multiple devices without losing focus.
This means that whenever you scroll a page on your desktop device, Blisk will automatically show the same section of the page on your mobile device too.

If enabled, Blisk watches for changes in files located in the specified directory and subdirectories. If you save changes while you are coding, Blisk refreshes tab(s) automatically.

Take picture of a selected area/HTML tag, screen or a whole web page. All screenshots are saved to cloud storage so you can easily share them with your team.

  • Make notes on screenshots
  • Attach screenshots to bug reports
  • Discuss mockups, design and colors

Blisk browser automatically monitors the code quality of webpage. Developer gets real-time analytics for every device.

  • Catch JavaScript errors
  • Improve page load speed
  • Validate cross browser compatibility
  • Track resources that fail to load (css, fonts, images etc.)

Blisk browser integrates with top bug trackers and project management systems. This opens new possibilities in combination with Blisk Analytics and Screenshots.

  • Submit bugs right from the page you are at
  • Import test cases and checklists
  • Write documentation and discuss code with your team effectively
“There is always something more to learn and understand.”