Ads of the World is an advertising archive and community. The archive showcases campaigns from around the world categorized and updated daily.

Short on ideas,looking for creative inspiration, or just want to have fun? Ads of the World has an array of such diverse and unique content that you will find something/everything of your liking. I can bet on that.

The website is bit lousy, search functionality is a major pain. But the site makes up for it with fabulous content.

Few Ads which I highly recommend:

Moms Against Climate Change (Environmental Defence Canada & ForestEthics): Demonstration

The Times of India: A day in the life of Chennai

Vereniging Verkeersslachtoffers (Dutch Road Safety): Family

Monroe County Tourist Development Council: There is no app for that

Rotary Club: Trash “All your donations will go where they should. Help Abandoned Kids. Rotary Club”

Advertising is only evil when it advertises evil things.
David Ogilvy