I bought the awesome Xiaomi Mi3 for a great deal Rs:14000.However, I ran into a bit of a roadblock when I wanted to transfer files between my Ubuntu Linux and Mi3. I say roadblock because I was expecting the device to show up as a USB device, but it shows up as a camera device. Here are couple of ways you can easily transfer files between Mi3 and your computer:

Access as Camera Device: Use gMTP Client(Works for Linux, Unix systems)
Install the gMTP client and access the device.

FTP Method(Works for all OS’s-Windows,Linux,Mac,etc)
1. Ensure your computer and Xioami Mi3 are connected to the same Wi-Firouter.
2. On the Mi3 open the Explorer (This app comes pre-installed).
3. On the bottom look for FTP icon and tap on it

4. On the ftp screen press the Start Server button, you will be given the ftp address.

5. Copy this address and use any ftp client(like filezilla) to move files between the computer and your Phone.

“Your SmartPhone is not indicative of your smartness.”
  1. After transferring the data through gMTP, media is not synched with the default apps such as Music player, gallery, video player etc.. Any solution for this?

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