The people who run the dating site OkCupid continue to analyze the aggregate data of their users, shedding light on preferences and behavior. The most recent OkTrends post takes a look at their compiled racial data: Your Race Affects Whether People Write You Back. Agreed it makes an interesting read.

I don’t want to sound rhetorical here, I don’t think its racism if you don’t want to scrap/date/marry someone outside your race. For that matter every human is a born racist, it comes natural to us. Each one of us have experienced preferential treatment, sometimes to our liking and sometimes not. Isn’t that a form of racism? Only through knowledge of other races/religion/habits/

cultural/social and personal experiences do we curb those instincts.

We as human race have come a long way to actually have our own place in the animal kingdom, it would take another evolutionary twist in this relatively new species to evolve further and prosper. Until then the race is on…

Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.
—Mr.Spock from StarTrek