Java 17 is the latest long term support (LTS) release after Java 11. It will be a long-term-support (LTS) release from most vendors, including Oracle.

JEPs in JDK 17 integrated since JDK 11

Status Long Term Support Release
Release Date 2021/09/14
EOL Date 2030
Bytecode Version 61.0
API Changes Compare to 16151413121110987651.
Documentation Release Notes, Language Spec, VM Spec, JavaDoc
SCM git

Some other news in relation to the release:

(Proposal) Moving JDK LTS versions to a two year cadence. Java 21 will be the next LTS instead of Java 23.

Oracle JDK is now free for commercial and production use.

A new Java developer site.

“Java with every new release always packs a punch”

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