Mozilla foundation annually compiles a report of the internet health. It is a call to action to recognize the things that are having an impact on the internet today through research and analysis, and to embrace the notion that we as humans can change how we make money, govern societies, and interact with one another online.
Part of the trouble in explaining how to make the internet ‘healthier’ is that so much goes unseen. As internet users, we tend not to think about fibre optic cables beneath the seas, or the men and women who assemble our electronic devices, let alone about the decision processes coded into ‘intelligent’ machines. Many of us don’t even know how our favorite internet companies profit, or how our personal desires and traits are tracked as we go about our lives.

More people than you imagine are working to make the internet healthier, and getting things right, by applying their skills, creativity, and even personal bravery, to business, technology, activism, policy and regulation, education and community development. We prefer to imagine that we are protected: by high tech internet companies, by governments, by other more savvy users.
We make choices all the time: about what software to use, what security risks to take, what steps to take to protect the privacy of our children and genetic relatives. As advocates for a healthier internet, let’s now make better choices. Let’s fight to change what is wrong and join with others to make things right. In reading the Internet Health Report, let’s cast a glance at the seen and unseen opportunities of the internet, and consider this rich, diverse, complex ecosystem as one that adapts to our collective actions and changes over time.

“Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”
-Saint Augustine

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