Creating a Magazine cover is now a piece of cake. You do not need any special skills in doing this. Thanks to the folks at . According to it is an experimental application that is offered “AS IS,” for beta testing only. The interface is slick and intuitive.
     They have over 100 Magazine covers ready for you to personalize. The templates are organized in pretty much most of the popular categories, this makes for choosing a template even easier.
     Here is a Mag cover which I created from one of my pics. Took less than a minute. It’s a nice feeling to see your images on the cover page 😉 .
     Magcover needs you to resgister with them to use their service. It’s a simple no frills account creation form, all they need is a valid Email Id a username and password. Once you are done registering,activate it by clicking the link which they provide in their email. Login to your account, create Magazine covers and show it off. I strongly encourage you to read the terms of use. Also if you want the magcover on CoffeMugs,T-shirts,etc, they provide those services too, of course for some price.