Windows command line utility(cmd.exe) is a plain vanilla shell.Console 2 is a Windows console window enhancement. Console features include: multiple tabs, text editor-like text selection, different background types, alpha and color-key transparency, configurable font, different window styles. It is a wrapper around your windows command prompt.
ALERT: you might never go back to using cmd.exe again after using console 2.
Change the default settings to your liking, here is my setup:

  1. Right-click in the main console and click Edit | Settings.
  2. Under Console, set your default Startup Directory
  3. Under Appearance|More, uncheck the Show menu, Show status bar and Show toolbar controls.
  4. Under Appearance|More, Set Window Transparency to your choice (40 usually works for most)
  5. Under Appearance, set the font to Consolas(monospaced fonts are awesome).
  6. Under Appearance, set the font Custom Color to Green
  7. Under Behavior set “Copy on Select”
  8. Under Hotkeys, change the New Tab 1 hotkey to Ctrl-T. You’ll have to click on the hotkey, then in the textbox, then type the hot-key you want AND press Assign for it to stick.
  9. Under Hotkeys, change Copy Selection to Ctrl+X (you might be tempted to have it as CTRL+C , but that shortcut key is generally used to kill running processes, hence refrain. Note that if you have “Copy on Select” option set, you don’t need to have this hotkey set)
  10. Under Hotkeys, change Paste to Ctrl+V.
  11. Under Hotkeys,Mouse you can change the default behaviour of mouse related actions.
  12. To Select text on screen use Shift key with left mouse and drag

To add console 2 to the windows right click menu, which would conveniently open up the shell with the current path, follow the steps in the following blog post:

Console 2 Download

“Software that ship built-in with windows os almost always have better opensource/free alternatives”