Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and creator of the JavaScript programming language, has unveiled his latest project: Brave, a Web browser that blocks ads by default. Users also have the options of replace, block, or allow ads and tracking. Brave Software, the company behind the eponymous browser, will take a 15 percent cut of the ad revenue generated(the users also get 15% of ad revenue that goes into a user wallet).

Brave is an open-source Web browser. There’s a Brave GitHub repository for Mac/Windows/Linux, iOS, and Android. For now, if you are eager to take the browser for a spin, you need to build it from the source code. Although the intention and idea are great, it remains to be seen how the users will accept this new browser. The developers(plugins,apps,etc) are a huge deal in the browser eco system, its too early to see how they accept this browser. All said, I will be mighty surprised if it manages to break into the browser market share.

For windows users here is the executable:

“brave new browser.”

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