SublimeText is one of the nifty text editors out there thats available for OS X, Windows and Linux. Although a great text editor as it is, the usefulness can be greatly enhanced by adding plugins and tweaking certain settings. Here is what I recommend for the things to do soon after installing SublimeText.

Install Sublime Package Control. It is a full-featured package manager that helps discovering, installing, updating and removing packages for Sublime Text 2. It features an automatic upgrader and supports GitHub, BitBucket and a full channel/repository system.

The following changes to Settings-User purely boils down to your liking. I found the following settings to be a must.
In the menu goto Preferences -> Settings-User
Here add the following :

    // Makes tabs with modified files more visible, default is false
    "highlight_modified_tabs": true,
    // If enabled, will highlight any line with a caret, default is false
    "highlight_line": true,
    // Show folders in the side bar in bold, default is false
    "bold_folder_labels": true,   
    // Disables horizontal scrolling if enabled.
    // May be set to true, false, or "auto", where it will be disabled for
    // source code, and otherwise enabled. Default is auto
    "word_wrap": "true",

There are tens of other preferences that you can customize. Just look in to Preferences -> Settings-Default and make the necessary change in Preferences -> Settings-User
SublimeText has got a lot of faithful and engaging userbase. No matter what your gripe about this text editor, chances are they are already resolved or have a workaround. Just google it.

“If you are a programmer, you ought to be using a Text Editor.”